Whois: Daniel

I’m a creative lead with extensive agency experience, as well as an entrepreneurial background, which includes design, brand, and product development. I am constantly motivated by the challenge of generating long-term value for brands by helping users explore, engage, and interact with their products and services.

I enjoy creative problem solving, seeking innovative solutions that exceed expectations.

I’ve played a key role in developing unique creative solutions for an array of global brands.

Throughout my career—in creative agencies, startups, and as a freelancer—I’ve assembled and managed creative and technical teams to deliver results backed up by data.

In previous roles, I built training programs, traveled abroad to onboard new teams, and participated in the recruiting and hiring process to attract and develop top talent.

I’ve received recognition from industry institutions, clients, and most importantly, peers, for my contributions to their success.

Please feel free to reach out on LinkedIn, or send a message.