I'm a creative leader and builder with a proven track record of driving business strategy in a collaborative, idea-focused environment. My skill set spans concept development, visual design, branding, writing, user experience, and social media engagement.

As a creative lead at Amazon's advertising group, I helped financial services and automotive brands expand their presence across Amazon's array of properties, from desktop and mobile to Fire Tablet, Fire TV, and out-of-home.

Prior to this, I worked for several top-tier advertising agencies, as well as boutique creative shops and start-ups, where I developed skills in branding and user experience and worked closely with development teams.

I see design as a process of simplification and unification. Every successful creative project involves finding a common thread out of multiple, often conflicting goals, with the purpose of helping the viewer or end user understand your message in just a few seconds. It's not an easy task, but we've succeeded when we make it look that way.

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