Dannon Frusion | Breakfast Brawl

The Dannon Company wanted to increase its brand awareness among men aged 18-24, who were not frequent buyers of yogurt and yogurt smoothie products. An advergame featuring the Frusion product was created to appeal to this audience. A parody in the style of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, Frusion Breakfast Brawl features a guy who just woke up and has to battle four "boring" breakfast options, with the help of a Frusion power-up as a reward for landing multiple hits on his opponent. Each round features a more challenging boxer, with a different special move and comical names and catch phrases.

The characters and stage were first drawn by hand and then re-created in 8-bit style, and a game development team built the final unit in Flash, which was hosted on a microsite. It was soon downloaded and reposted around the internet as it became a viral sensation, with users exchanging tips on message boards about how to win the game.

Agency: Tribal DDB