Innovation Refunds | Real Customer Stories

Customer stories are powerful advertising tools because they allow us to connect with people on a personal level and learn about their experiences firsthand. Video testimonials are especially effective because they are believable, engaging, and relatable.

Directly managing a video production crew, my creative team at Innovation Refunds produced a series of video testimonials with business owners from different industries across the country. The business owners share their experiences working with Innovation Refunds, the challenges they faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the results they achieved after receiving a substantial refund of their payroll taxes.

Here are some of their stories.

A franchise concession stand on a miniature golf course used their ERC refund to reinvest in their business and expand to another location.

A nonprofit organization that provides job training and life skill development for former convicts used their ERC refund to purchase and renovate their building.

A podiatry clinic that caters to a community with an aging population with constant medical needs used their ERC refund to modernize their equipment and support their medical staff.

The customer stories campaign was also accompanied by a series of display ad units featuring testimonial quotes from the featured business owners.