Nissan Versa Note Detail Page + Stunt

Amazon is known as "The Everything Store", but you can't buy a car there... or can you? That was the mission we set out to solve with the launch of a new model compact sedan, the Nissan Versa Note. This required completely tearing down an existing product detail page, and building a custom version that could provide all of the required vehicle-specific data contained on Nissan's website, but in a format that was tailored to the Amazon experience, and did not feel overloaded with information.

Since direct buying of a car was not possible through Amazon, a solution was found to work through the existing dealership network, by connecting prospective buyers with a local dealership, and offering a $1,000 Amazon gift card incentive to a limited number of buyers.

Customers arrived at the page via a targeted desktop and Fire Tablet advertising campaign.

Finally, as a stunt, a vehicle was actually packaged inside a giant cardboard box and delivered to one lucky customer. A photo of the stunt box was posted on Reddit, and Jerry Seinfeld—who happened to be hosting an online "AMA" interview that day—mentioned it.

In the weeks following the stunt, people even began sharing a meme of the giant box on the flatbed truck.

Partner agency: Chiat Day