Octopus Energy | The New Star in Energy

Introducing a completely unknown renewable energy brand in a challenging consumer-driven market dominated by established industry players was no small feat, and required a strong and memorable introduction.


To play off of the history and optimism of the Houston, Texas space industry roots, I created a simple, dynamic 30 second TV and digital streaming spot in the theme of the legendary Stanley Kubrick film 2001: A Space Odyssey, complete with a soundtrack by Richard Strauss, and the simple message: The new star in energy.

To reinforce the message of the TV and digital campaigns, an OOH campaign was launched simultaneously.

The flexibility of the Octopus Energy logo mascot allows for many fun contextual interpretations of the brand.

Additional variations on this campaign also appeared in Brownsville, TX, close to the SpaceX launch facility.

Some units appeared in Spanish, as this area is home to a largely underserved Spanish-speaking community. These are two of the digital boards that appeared on the main boulevard that runs through Brownsville.