Philips Norelco | Shave Everywhere

Philips Norelco wanted to introduce a new all-in-one electric hair trimmer called the Bodygroom to the American market. Because male grooming, or "manscaping" was a rather sensitive topic that was hard to discuss without some discomfort, we knew that over-the-top humor would be the best approach to take. Enter the Bodygroom Guy, a bathrobe-clad spokesman who, thanks to his recent discovery, was more confident, and less inhibited than ever. He was so excited to talk about his new hair removal habits that he couldn't hold back from describing it in explicit detail. We had to bleep out his words, but we replaced them with images so that the audience wouldn't miss the message.

The video-driven website contained a complete explanation of the product, as well as a Q&A section, a game, and even a music video, featuring a passionate song written and performed by the Bodygroom Guy himself.

Warning: contains suggestive language (bleeped)

This campaign received several awards, including a Cannes Gold Lion, a One Show Golden Pencil, and the FWA Site of the Year.

In addition, the Bodygroom Guy character also helped launch this young actor's career. You might recognize him from his more recent role as Josh from ABC's Black-ish.

Agency: Tribal DDB