Progressive | The Hairbandwagon

Progressive Insurance, usually known for its quirky campaigns featuring Flo, asked us to create an Amazon extension of its “We Won’t Judge It” creative, a series of 30-second spots that showcase the weird and creepy, yet prized possessions that customers want to protect.

Because Progressive wanted to communicate the cost and convenience benefits of bundling car and home insurance together, we decided that the perfect way to showcase this would be to create a story around a unique, beloved vehicle that contained some pricey cargo.

The vehicle in question was a beautiful 1987 Mercury Colony Park station wagon. Its presumed owner? An aging hairband devotee, decked out in the style of Van Halen's David Lee Roth. While the car is covered by Progressive car insurance, the guitar, amp, drums and all the other valuable items inside are covered by home insurance.

To tie this directly to Amazon, we chose compelling, off-beat items which were all available for immediate purchase on a custom microsite.

Amazon customers arrived at this page through a series of video-enabled ad units across multiple devices.

The full 30-second video that appeared on Amazon includes quotes lifted directly from actual Amazon customer reviews, with a soundtrack featuring some original "tasty riffs."