The Progressive Bitcoiner | Brand Design

The Progressive Bitcoiner podcast gives a voice to those who have used bitcoin for human rights and social justice. It aims to bring bitcoin-related topics like decentralization, environmental issues, and economic inequality to a mainstream audience, including progressives who are seeking more information on bitcoin and its many use cases, but have not found many sources that speak to their specific values and viewpoints.

The podcast, which first debuted in December 2021 and ran for 40 episodes was hosted by Dr. Mark Stephany, who now serves as an advisor. Trey Walsh took over as host in June 2023 and the new brand was introduced.

The logo features two speech bubbles in the shape of a “p” and a “b,” symbolizing the podcast’s spoken interview format and its goal to get people talking about bitcoin, even if they disagree. The bubbles are colored blue for progressive and orange for bitcoin, and the overlap represents the space created when these ideas come together.

The brand design also included updates to all of the podcast’s social media channels and creation of templates and styles for episode assets.